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Our expansive equipment list allows us to support our customers by manufacturing the highest quality precision parts on the market. From multi-spindles, to CNC machining, hydromats, and EUROtech, Global Precision Parts, Inc. is proud to leverage the latest technology and machinery to accomplish our customers' goals.

Our three facilities operate more than 200 production machines including Davenports, Acme Gridley’s, CNC lathes, machining centers, New Britain and Hydromat equipment.

Non-Production Machines
Machine NameOttovilleEast LibertyWabash
Aqua Master CB1800 E Washer100
Bowden Parts Washer101
Fourway Barrel Washer110
May Fram Chip Spinner000
Mectron Sorter012
Oliver Drill Grinder100
Quincy QSI-500 Air Compressor100
Tape Machine112
Atlas 75hp Compressor w/Dryer001
Inter-Source Chip Spinner002
Machining Centers
Machine NameOttovilleEast LibertyWabashAudubon
25-12 Hydromat300
45-12 Hydromat312
Acme Gridley 1 1/4" RA-6670
Acme Gridley 1 1/4" RB-8110
Acme Gridley 1 1/4"RA-6 S.S.100
Acme Gridley 1 5/8"  RB-6600
Acme Gridley 1 5/8" RB-8210
Acme Gridley 1" RA-6100
Acme Gridley 1" RAN-6110
Acme Gridley 1-5/8 RBN-8030
Acme Gridley 2 5/8" RB-6210
Acme Gridley 2 5/8" RB-8500
Acme Gridley 2" RB-6200
Acme Gridley 3 1/2" RB-6210
Arbor Press101
Broach machine100
Crimping Machine100
Daewoo Puma 10 Lathe1
Daewoo Puma 6S Lathe1
Davenport 3/4" O/S0300
Davenport Model B  ¾”008
Dial-X Rotary Table001
DMG-Mori 2000Y500 Lathe2
DMG-Mori 2500SY 700 Lathe2
Doosan Puma 2600Y Lathe1
Doosan Puma TT1800SY Lathe1
Doosan Puma TT2100SYY Lathe1
Drill Press302
Emco Turn 342 Lathe1
Emco Turn 345-II Lathe1
Emco Turn 365 Lathe1
Enshu E130 Vertical Mill1
Enshu EV650 VX Vertical Mill1
Enshu JE60S Horizontal Mill3
Enshu JE80S Horizontal Mill3
Eurotech B620 SLY001
Eurotech 835SL-Y101
Eurotech Elite B446-LY2100
Eurotech Elite B446-SY2100
Eurotech Poly Gim 20MM100
Eurotech Poly Gim 25MM100
Eurotech Rapido 42MM100
Euortech Swissturn Gepard 32mm002
Eurotech Swissturn Gepard 42MM500
Eurotech Swissturn Zeit 42 MM100
Eurotech Trofeo B465SY2200
Fanuc Robodrill VMC100
Fortune Victor V-Center-85 Vertical Mill1
Fortune V-Turn Lathe1
Ganesh Cyclone 70-3TMY Lathe1
Hankook Protec 7NB100
Hyd-Meck Production Saw100
Index C200 Lathe1
Lico LND-42D100
Lico LND-51D100
Lico LNT36040
Lico LNT42090
Lico LNT51S031
Marvel Series 15 15" Horizontal Band Saw1
Mazak Hyper Quadrex 200 MSY Lathe1
New Britain Model 51’s 1”001
New Britain Model 52’s 1-1/4”0011
New Britain Model 60’s 1”004
New Britain Model 61’s 1-5/8”001
New Britain Model 62’s 1-5/8”001
New Britain Model 62's 2-1/4"008
New Britain Model 81’s 1”003
New Britain Model 812 1-1/4”001
OmniTurn GT-75110
ROTO F-10 Spline Roller100
Sharp SV-2412 Vertical Mill1
Staking Machine100
Star SR-32J Swiss Lathe1
Star SR-38B Swiss Lathe2
Takisawa EX-106 CNC Lathe200
Takisawa EX-110 CNC Lathe400
Topwell CNC Milling Center000
UR20 Robot200
UR5 Robot100
ZPS 620 CAM003