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Global Precision Parts Inc. acquires Quality Machine of Iowa

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Global Precision Parts Redefining Precision Manufacturing

Global Precision Parts, Inc. is the strategic global market leader in precision machined parts and we excel in delivery and availability.

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Capabilities and Services

At Global Precision Parts, we are committed to quality service, from prototype to delivery, and everything in between. Our goal is always to provide you with the absolute best service possible, delivering quality products while maintaining the unique standards of each industry we serve. 

Explore the links below to learn more about each of our particular capabilities. 


Our hydromat machines allow us to manufacture large quantities of complex parts in a variety of metals, such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass.

Prototyping & Low Volume Capabilities

In addition to large quantity orders, we can also accommodate prototypes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machines allow us to machine even the most complex parts. Our ability to perform “lights-out operations” delivers cost savings to our customers to receive competitively priced precision parts that are delivered on time, every time.


For high-volume components, Global Precision Parts, Inc. offers multi-spindle screw machining.

Shipping & Delivery

Global Precision Parts, Inc. can package parts for shipping based on customer specifications and requirements.

Inventory Solutions

Global Precision Parts, Inc. offers a variety of solutions to help you efficiently and cost effectively manage your inventory.

SAE Standard Stock Parts

Global Precision Parts has provided customers with the finest precision manufactured SAE Standard Stock Parts for almost two decades.

Value-Added Services

Global Precision Parts, Inc. provides a variety of added services from computer-aided design and manufacturing, to assembly services–we are dedicated to providing superior services to our customers and streamlining the entire process.

Global Precision Parts is Hiring. Join Our Team!

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At Global Precision Parts, we keep several SAE Standard Parts in stock, a service that we’ve provided for over two decades. We have nine standard products for our customers to browse and order, from adapters to a range of fittings and more. Learn more about all of our standard products here.


Our adapters are made to be durable, maintaining connections even under great amounts of pressure.

Brass Fittings

Global Precision specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom and standard brass fittings to our customer specifications.


Global Precision offers a variety of clamps that are suitable for many different projects and systems.

Hydraulic Fittings

Global Precision specializes in quality hydraulic fittings for high-pressure environments and demanding applications.

Flange Fittings

We manufacture high-quality, reliable flange fittings that can withstand high pressure and vibration.

Flare Fittings

Our flare fittings can be found across the country on heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and construction equipment.

Hydraulic Hoses

Global Precision manufactures the highest quality hydraulic hose fittings that are designed to withstand the most demanding environments and applications.

Hydraulic Pipe Fittings

We produce tight tolerance hydraulic pipe fittings capable of withstanding high-pressure environments.


Our O-rings are designed for applications in high-pressure power applications, meeting and often exceeding SAE standards.

Redefining Precision

Global Precision Parts, Inc. was established in 2006 and we’ve been redefining precision manufacturing across the world since our beginnings. Our dedication to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality precision parts across industry lines is unmatched.

Global Precision Parts, Inc. is made up of several manufacturing facilities in the US, totaling over 155,000 square feet. Across four facilities, we operate more than 200 state-of-the-art production machines, delivering highly efficient services at the quality our customers deserve. In addition to our domestic facilities, we also work closely with our Asian joint ventures to provide unmatched quality and volume capacity that only a multi-site company can offer.