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Flare Fittings

Flare fittings are connections with tapered ends that fit into a flared piece of tubing, and secured in place with a sleeve. They’re perfect for producing pressure-resistant, leak-tight seals in heavy machinery systems, industrial applications, and construction equipment.

Global Precision’s Flare Fittings 

We manufacture flare fittings for any applications where durability in high-pressure and high-temperature environments is necessary. Our flare fittings are reliable and high quality, perfect for critical applications where failure isn’t an option. They’re best suited for connecting thin to medium OD tubing, and can endure a lot of stress from pressure. 

We can manufacture flare fittings that are customized to suit your project’s specific requirements. They’ll ensure that leakage will not be a problem, even in applications that transport gasses, and can handle far higher pressures than other fittings can.

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