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Agriculture equipment has to be rugged and durable, withstanding not only large amounts of force, but also various outdoor environments, from harsh cold temperatures to constant sun exposure. At Global, we work with many of the industry-leading agricultural equipment manufacturers to design quality, tight tolerance parts for their designs.

Global supplies many different types of quality hydraulic fittings and hose adapters that are precise and durable. Our goal is to manufacture high-quality parts that our partners can then integrate into their equipment. We have a wide range of precision machining capabilities that allow us to make rugged, durable parts for this industry.

For small parts with complicated geometries, we have multi-spindle capabilities to ensure tight tolerances and accurate dimensions. We also have hydromats for full manufacturing and finishing of parts, as well as low-volume capabilities for prototypes and one-off production runs. However, across our several manufacturing facilities, we supply parts for orders with high-production volumes as well.

Precision manufacturing isn’t the only quality service we provide. If you’re looking for standard parts, we keep several SAE standard parts in stock for you to browse through and order. We also offer inventory solutions for our customers who don’t have as much warehouse or storage space for larger orders. If you’re in need of prototyping or design help, experienced members of our team will be happy to work with you on our state-of-the-art CAD programs. And to ensure that we are a fully equipped, one-stop shop for all your needs, we also offer shipping and delivery of the parts that you order or that we manufacture for you.

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