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Inventory Solutions

Managing an expansive inventory on-site poses various risks and liabilities and consumes valuable space within your facility. To mitigate these challenges, Global Precision Parts, Inc. offers a variety of solutions to help you efficiently and cost effectively manage your inventory. 

We work closely with customers to identify solutions that are best suited for our customers and manage every aspect of the inventory so that you can focus on other critical aspects of your business. As part of our inventory management programs, we offer the following:


  • Custom packaging
  • Bar-Coded labels
  • Custom delivery options
  • Dock-to-stock programs


Inventory management with Global Precision Parts

Consignment Inventory

Suppose you need a place to store your products before they’re moved on to be integrated into larger machinery. In that case, we have a consignment inventory program that will work for you. We automate the entire consignment inventory process, providing complete visibility of your inventory outside your facility while significantly reducing the cost and risks. 

Utilizing our consignment inventory program eliminates time-consuming reconciliations, improves product visibility, and allows you to maintain and promote an expansive inventory without the risk and cost of keeping an extensive on-site inventory.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Global Precision Parts, Inc. provides Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services to streamline the order fulfillment process and effectively manage inventory. We aim to make the ordering process as easy and cost-effective as possible. With VMI, we collaborate with suppliers and distributors to optimize the supply chain and reduce your overall inventory costs.

Kanban Inventory System

Global Precision Parts, Inc. offers a Kanban inventory scheduling system that allows our clients to maintain an inventory of necessary parts and components. Kanban is a lean process that keeps inventory levels low and signals for reordering when necessary.

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Managing every aspect of the project

At Global Precision Parts, we aim to make your manufacturing projects as streamlined and efficient as possible while providing quality customer service and manufactured products. Contact us to see how we can provide solutions to help increase inventory turns and improve profitability, or request a quote on your project!