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At Global Precision Parts, Inc. we always strive to invest in the latest technology to continue improving our manufacturing processes and our service. One of those investments is in multi-spindle machining.

For high-production volumes of components, Global Precision Parts, Inc. offers multi-spindle screw machining. We invest in the latest technology to provide our customers with high quality and tight tolerance parts.

Multi-spindle machining – a quick overview

Multi-spindle screw machining is a CNC machining process that uses multiple spindles, instead of a single one, to shape a workpiece into a functional product. As a result, these machines can perform multiple operations simultaneously, increasing their production capacity and efficiency. These types of machines are also incredibly accurate, thanks to their computer numerically-guided software, producing tight tolerances without the need for secondary operations.


Global Precision’s Multi-Spindle Capabilities

Global Precision Parts has several Acme Gridley multi-spindle screw machines that are equipped with the necessary tools to perform a variety of cutting operations based on specifications. Thanks to this equipment, combined with the expertise of our operators, we are able to provide the highest quality and precision in the industry. Our team can efficiently, and quickly manufacture high volumes of parts, while still maintaining consistent quality and accuracy. 

Our multi-spindle machines can shape workpieces from several different types of bar stock, including:


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Quality Assurance

Global Precision Parts is dedicated to providing a range of valuable services that allow our customers to depend on us for everything from computer-aided design to assembly and delivery of the final product. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, producing the highest quality products and maintaining excellent customer service as well.

Ready to get started?

Global Precision Parts is a strategic global market leader in precision-machined parts, who also provides excellent customer service, delivery, and quality. Contact us today to see how we can utilize our equipment to meet your multi-spindle needs, or if you’re ready to get started, request a quote using our online form.

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